Precious Paws and Claws was started in 2018 by Jacky Callow as an animal lover herself she knows how much love and happiness your four legged animals bring to you and your family, that is why at Precious Paws and Claws we have decided that as pet owners we can all give a little something back to our four legged furbabies.

We at precious paws and claws have had 7 beautiful furbabies. In 2009 on the 9th of January we sadly lost one of our precious furbabies. She was a white Labrador, we called her honey because she always seemed to be walking around with a smile on her face it hit us like a ton of bricks because lets be honest our dogs become family, then in 2016 on the 26th of ‘March and then on the 15 of November we lost another, two beautiful babies due to age. Snowy our maltese and Lady our Boerbull x Bullmastiff. But the loss of 3 didnt make us love the other  4 any less. Jacky decided to start this business in memory of the ones we have already lost and has decided that for every box sold and every treat jar sold we will give a portion of the money to the local SPCA and rescue centres, this is our way of giving back to those four legged furbabies that arent fortunate enough to have homes and loving families. Lady our boerbull that passed away was an SPCA pup, so we are going to be the helping hand  for those who arent heard and all they want is a loving warm home.

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